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I specialize in both EMDR for Trauma and Couples Therapy. As a relationship expert I'm passionate about saving marriages. I specialize in helping busy, hard working couples improve their relationship in an empathic and safe environment. I use my Christian Faith, years of experience and research proven approaches to help couples navigate through difficult seasons of life. I provide couples with tools and resources so that they can benefit from a results oriented approach. I have led marriage retreats and have spoken at churches and other venues on relationships and preventing divorce.

In addition to couples therapy, I enjoy working with Stepfamilies. I did my research and dissertation on stepfamilies and am a mom and stepmom to 7 children. 

I am devoted to, when it's possible, preventing the heartache of divorce. But I also work hard with families of divorce to reduce the damage and destruction that can result from high conflict. 

Along with being a relationship expert, I'm also trained in EMDR to help those who have experienced traumatic events. I offer a special discount to military service members, law enforcement, firefighters and their families as they hold a special place in my heart and it is my privilege to help our nation's greatest heroes.

My approach with clients is to develop a treatment plan in a safe and empathic environment. I also own an inn and provide marriage, family and corporate retreats in a mountain setting.

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