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Wedding Night Blues and Zebras


                                           Wedding Night Blues and Zebras

After our wedding ceremony we had a wonderful reception with our children, family and friends eating and drinking and dancing. The African locals who worked at the game reserve joined in and spontaneously performed music and their African wedding dances. It was, by all accounts, a perfect day except for one more little hitch.  It seems my digestive track was a bit fragile and I ate something that didn’t agree with me…like a mussel…word of caution…never eat shellfish in the middle of the African wilderness. At sunset we planned to take the entire wedding party and guests on a game drive and then have an African dinner around a boma (fire pit). Half way into the safari, as our photographer asked us to step out of the jeep for a beautiful sunset picture, I threw up all over a thistle bush. It got worse…if you know what I mean. I certainly didn’t feel like an attractive new bride to my husband’s family or guests (some who flew all the way from Capetown and London to meet me). Embarrassed, I begged Johann to please stay with the wedding party while I headed back to base camp with my sweet and sympathetic new mother-in-law. I remember feeling so sick that I thought I was hallucinating when we came to a sudden stop in our open jeep. A herd of zebras didn’t seem to notice my dire need for a latrine…so we just sat there for what seemed like eternity and waited for the entire herd to cross. With a full moon and more stars in the African night sky than I’d ever seen, it might have been a beautiful sight had it not been such an urgent matter. I don’t remember much more of my wedding night other than my mother-in-law tucking me into bed with aspirin and immodium. That is until I heard Johann’s gentle voice calling me to take a look outside. Again, I thought I was hallucinating because when I looked out into the darkness all I could see was a long row of white teeth singing in perfect unison the most beautiful songs. It seems that Johann asked the local African choir to come outside my room and sing healing songs for me. How romantic! 

On a side note, Johann enjoys telling his version of the story: "the darnedest thing happened on our wedding night!  As we were becoming romantic and I took my shirt off, Evelyn became sick and threw up all over the place!"

…but I like the true and romantic story more.

Memories of weddings and other celebrations can get us through tough times and remind us of why we need to make the effort to stay connected. Reminiscing my wedding night brings a big smile to my face to this day. 

Recipe for Life: Your unconditional love, grace and forgiveness is needed most during times when an unlovely person has disappointed or hurt you.....or throws up on your wedding night.

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